Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

With time, Kayaks have evolved from their basic structures to incredibly functional and durable products. Many manufacturers have come up with Inflatable Kayaks that enhance the experience at any water adventure vastly. 

Based on these Kayaks’ respective features, we have selected our favorites in the category and listed them down for you. These top rated inflatable fishing kayaks are the most profitable products available right now. 

Here we discuss more Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak models that have the best impact on fishing. It is such blissful expertise for fishing experts to get a relaxing experience. It opens the golden chance to access the motorized and large boats. Let have a review of our top 10 products.

What are the Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks?

Here are the best inflatable fishing kayak in 2021.

Image Product Details Check Price

Intex Excursion Pro Fishing Kayak

Intex Excursion Pro Fishing Kayak
    • Weight: 39 lbs
    • Person Capacity: 2
    • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
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Perception Pescador Pro 12

Perception Pescador Pro 12
    • Weight: 64 lbs
    • Person Capacity: 2
    • Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
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Tamarack Angler 100

Tamarack Angler 100
    • Weight: 54 lbs
    • Person Capacity: 2
    • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
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Pescador Pilot 12

Pescador Pilot 12
    • Weight: 85 lbs
    • Person Capacity: 2
    • Weight Capacity: 475 lbs
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Hydros Angler 85

Hydros Angler 85
    • Weight: 38 lbs
    • Person Capacity: 1
    • Weight Capacity: 225 lbs
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Sea Eagle PF7K

Sea Eagle PF7K
    • Weight: 21 lbS
    • Person Capacity: 2
    • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
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Sun Dolphin Journey 10

Sun Dolphin Journey 10
    • Weight: 44 lbs
    • Person Capacity: 2
    • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
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Sevylor Coleman Colorado

Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak
    • Weight: 36 lb
    • Person Capacity: 2
    • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
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90806 Tamarack Angler

90806 Tamarack Angler Fishing Kayak
    • Weight: 60 lbs
    • Person Capacity: 2
    • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
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Sevylor K5 Quikpak

Sevylor K5 Quikpak
    • Weight: 39 lbs
    • Person Capacity: 2
    • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
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1. Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Fishing Kayak 

best inflatable fishing kayak

Intex has made a name for itself by offering the perfect balance of affordability and efficiency in its products. Their Excursion Pro Fishing Kayak is another addition to this list and made to accommodate two people at a time. 

Firstly, Excursion Pro excels in the comfort aspect. What used to be enduring hours of unease are now transformed to comfort through its adjustable seats with soft cushioning. The ergonomic design of the backrest adds to this by allowing their easy locking to prevent the seats’ jerking. 

Along with this, the removable seat booster in Excursion Pro raises the seat level according to user convenience. Meanwhile, the adjustable footrests are customized to protect any numbness or strain on the feet. 

Manufacturing from 30-gauge vinyl material laminated by polyester core makes Index Excursion an amazingly strong and durable kayak. Inclusively, its ability to bear up to 400 pounds and exceptional stability and flexibility offered makes it unsinkable in the sea. 

Lastly, this exceptional Kayak requires minimal assembling and comes with an easily comprehended manual to assist with this. Within 10 minutes, you will be ready to float on the sea with Index Excursion Inflatable Kayak. 


  • Instant maneuverability in both deep and shallow sea using different sized skegs 
  • Ample storage space enhanced by D-rings
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comfortable and durable 
  • Easy and quick assembling


  • Expensive
  • Low quality of oars
  • Not suitable for choppy water

To sum up, Index Excursion Pro Fishing Kayak is undoubtedly a top-rated product. This is significantly recommended for everyone looking to enhance their fishing experience, be it stability or comfort. 

2. Perception Pescador Pro 12 

best inflatable fishing kayak

This Best Inflatable Fishing kayak is the perfect blend between stability and speed. With Pescador Pro’s sit-on-top construction, you can easily store and mount accessories to outfit the boat for continuous excursion throughout the day.

Equipped with a detachable and adjustable chair, this Kayak ensures comfort during the time on the boat. Simultaneously, the sturdy blade construction for paddle maximizes control of this inflatable Kayak by a considerable margin.

Furthermore, the replaceable skid plate on the rear of the boat allows Pescador Pro 12 to be easily transported without damaging the Kayak. Along with this, the molded-in carry handles on both sides secure the Kayak easily with a lock.

Inclusively, the adjustable footrests are designed to suit every type of paddler while its 2 level seat can be lowered or raised depending on the paddling done. The molded-in rod holders are utilized for hands-free storage while paddling. 

Finished with convenient features like drink holders to prevent spilling and a removable storage cover from protecting accessories, Perception Pescador Pro 12 has it all.


  • Easy on legs with superior cushioning provided on the back-friendly seats 
  • Easy entering and exiting with a steady feel on the water
  • Easy entering and exiting with a steady feel on the water
  • Facilitate maximum storage and bungee cord lashes


  • Expensive
  • Not the best for ocean fishing kayak

Although Perception Pescador Pro 12 is comparatively an expensive inflatable fishing kayak, it is undoubtedly worth the money. With the most promising features to ensure ease and efficiency on-water adventures, Pescador Pro 12 has indeed become a customer and our favorite for kayak fishing. 

3. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

best inflatable fishing kayak

Tamarack Angler 100 is one of the best Kayaks offered at its rate. Designed for both beginners and professionals, the rotatable, adjustable, and mounted rod holders are sturdy enough to facilitate all user requirements. 

Secondly, padded seats with adjustable backrests make long fishing hours increasingly comfy and relaxed. In comparison, the multiple footrest positions accommodate the various size of paddlers. The Kayak can also be easily transported using its T-handles.

Construction from blow-molded and UV proof HDPE makes Tamarack Angler 100 resistant to impacts and harsh sunrays while its durable Kayak suits rugged areas. Additionally, two sealed storage hatches are installed to store accessories and gears in an organized manner. 

Furthermore, its hull design and chine rails are stable on the water and maximize maneuverability. The speed is sufficient for kayaking and fishing, whereas effective paddling techniques can boost this further. 

Still, question the reliability of Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak? Well, let that doubt slide away with Angler 100’s five-year manufacturer warranty. A fishing kayak this functional offered at a reasonably priced cost is undoubtedly a dream come true for most anglers. 


  • Padded seats and adjustable padded backrest for maximum comfort
  • Carrying handles make it portable
  • Three different types of sturdy and rigid fish rod holders
  • Straight dive using its deep hull channels
  • 6″ spacious storage compartment


  • Only one color
  • Expensive

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 is the simplest fishing kayak designed to facilitate all requirements. Are you looking for an affordable yet efficient inflatable fishing kayak? Tamarack Angler 100 is indeed the best for you. 

4. Perception Pescador Pilot 12 

best inflatable kayak for fishing

Perception Pescador is one of the best at doing its job as the sturdiest inflatable fishing kayak in the market. Height adjustable, comfortable mesh seats enhance the Kayak’s paddling experience and allow the user to suit it according to their preference. 

Moreover, the two types of pole holders always keep the rods intact. Through its open storage, tackle boxes and gears are easily stored while the console takes care of securing a fish finder within user reach. 

Construction from polyethylene for best inflatable kayak fishing hull and the roto-molded cast makes Pescador Pilot 12 scratch, collision, and weatherproof during any excursion trip. Meanwhile, the removable skid plate protects the hull when hauling out and in water for fishing. 

Are you tired of worrying about your kayak sinking because of excess load? Perception Pescador Pilot 12 handles this problem by not tipping over no matter how heavy the cargo is. Its shorter and lighter shape makes Pilot 12 easy to steer and minimizes the effort wasted on paddling. 

With its stability and speed offered, Pilot 12 is not only easy to control but can instantly load and unload cargo. Available in a variety of colors to choose from, this Kayak promises to give the user the upper hand while fishing. 


  • Lightweight and removable pedal system
  • Breathable and ergonomic captain chair
  • Large front and rear storage to store accessories 
  • Drink holders to prevent spilling
  • Leakproof one-piece durable construction


  • Rods not stable for hands-free fishing
  • The paddle must be purchased additionally

Perception Pescador Pilot 12 wins in all aspects inspected and ensures every user demand is met. With its minor drawbacks, this inflatable Kayak is largely applauded by all users and has them quite satisfied with its features. 

5. Hydros Angler 85 – Cheap Inflatable Fishing Kayak

best fishing inflatable kayak

Lifetime has always been the most trusting Kayak manufacturing brand. Their new Hydros Angler 85 takes this trust up a notch through its versatility and functionality. With this spacious fishing Kayak, you can store all of your essential accessories and equipment efficiently. 

Made from HDPE, Angler 85 is here to combat harsh impacts and UV rays to protect the Kayak from premature wear and tear. Simultaneously, the sheer weight of 41 pounds makes this fishing Kayak easy to carry and stay afloat in water.

Along with the typical T-shaped handles on the front and rear, Lifetime has installed a third one in the center. This boosts the ease of transferring the Kayak into the water. The combination tunnel hull design ensures that the Kayak is stable and unsinkable, making it perfect for tracking activity. 

Furthermore, using Angler 85’s molded-in swim up deck, optimal storage space is offered. The shock cord straps prevent any damage to the Kayak and the user while its various footrest positions accommodate different paddlers’ sizes. 

With its adjustable quick-release seatback to increase comfort, Hyrdos Angler 85 prioritized customer requirements and fulfilled them. Lifetime further backs this best single inflatable fishing kayak with a 5-year limited warranty. 


  • Three T-shaped handles and light weight make it portable
  • Spacious enough to accommodate accessories in its molded deck
  • Combination Hull design maximizes stability and tracking
  • Different footrest positions and adjustable seat back to suit user preference 


  • Molded-in seat design is uncomfortable for more extended trips
  • Often missing crucial parts

To conclude, Lifetime Hydros Angler 85 is a stable and reliable fishing kayak. Given its unease for longer excursion trips, it is perhaps most suited for shorter journeys and promises to enhance the experience vastly. 

6. Sea Eagle PF7K Inflatable Fishing Kayak

best inflatable kayak for fishing

Sea Eagle Packfish 7 is the best portable and inflatable fishing kayak in the market. Through its lightweight, not only is the Kayak easy to carry around but can also easily support a weight of 300 pounds. These functions combined in a one-piece shape surely boost its demand among the anglers.

Sea Eagle has always promised the best quality products to its customers. This Kayak is also constructed to be NMMA certified, making it safe and reliable for any excursion trip. The hunter colors help it camouflage, whereas the orange accent makes a bold statement for all onlookers. 

There are plenty of inflatable Kayaks in the market, then what makes Sea Eagle PF7K stand out? The answer lies in its two deluxe one-way valves, which help to inflate the Kayak instantly. The two air chambers increase the reliability of PF7K as the other one remains unaffected by a leak in the first one. 

Moreover, the 36″ fish rulers on either side of the boat are impressive additions to Sea Eagle’s Kayak. They measure the fish caught without requiring any excess tools for it. The two built-in rod holders also contribute to easy paddling by securing the rods throughout. 

Finally, through its two orange side pockets, PF7K bears additional accessories and protects them during the trip. A cup holder on top of these and its hands-free oarlock attachment system further eases the fishing experience and comfort. 

With minimal effort required for its assembling and four carry handles to carry it on and offshore, Sea Eagle’s Packfish 7 is a complete package for everyone.


  • The enclosed fabric floor makes it durable and easy to dry
  • Quick clip connections easily secure the oars during portaging
  • Stable quality Kayak with three-year manufacturer warranty
  • Portable and can be stored in compact spaces
  • Adjustable straps and four different handles make it incredibly easy to carry


  • Limited space for extra gear
  • No attached motor

With that being said, the drawbacks are minor when compared with the benefits of Sea Eagle Packfish 7 Fishing Kayak. Covering all aspects to maximize the fishing experience, this is the most promising inflatable Kayak market. 

7. Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

best inflatable fishing kayak

Portable and user-friendly inflatable Kayak but at an affordable rate? Sun Dolphin has made this possible through its Journey 10 SS Fishing Kayak. Its compact design and lightweight make it the best for every amateur kayak fisher looking to polish their skills. 

Featuring a dry storage hatch and bungee cord stern and bow storage areas, 10 SS promises to protect all the angler’s tools and accessories. Inclusively, the three-rod holders combined with the paddle holders prove to enhance the fishing experience by offering flexibility on the trip.

Furthermore, Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks sit-on design provides exclusive leg space while its beam contributes to the stability of the Kayak. Designed precisely, this beam is 30″ inch long to make it easy to store and transport along with being efficient enough at its job. 

Sun dolphin has thought through the working of this Kayak in great detail. With the installed scuppers, any water collected because of paddling is quickly drained out through the hull design. Secondly, this Kayak is designed to handle moderate currents through its Yak without overturning. 

The padded seatback, along with the spacious seating area of SS 10, protects against any strains during long trips. At the same time, the retractable carrying handles are suited for easy transportation of the vessel. These features offered to the customers at an affordable rate make SS10 Kayak almost dream-worthy. 


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Inflatable, fit in compact spaces
  • A roomy seating area and foot space
  • Amazingly stable and secure
  • Waterproof storage area


  • No padded seats
  • Unsuitable for longer trips

Sun dolphin Journey 10 fishing Kayak is here to turn amateurs into professionals. Its user-friendly features and rate make it one of the best Kayaks for beginners to learn through and excel at fishing. 

8. Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak

best inflatable kayak for fishing

Sevylor Coleman Colorado best two-person inflatable fishing kayak is a fantastic product for every angler. With its three-layer construction, it is not only incredibly strong but also resistant to punctures. In comparison, the nylon top and tarpaulin bottom protect against harmful UV rays. 

Moreover, multiple air chambers of Coleman Colorado make it reliable in case either of those leaks. Through its leak-free stitching and rubber-like bottom, the possibility of water entering is eliminated from every part of the Kayak. 

Additionally, a Boston valve is installed to speed up the inflation and deflation of the Kayak. Adjustable seats to suit user convenience and carry handles for quick transportation allow the angler to take complete control of the Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak. 

With an upper weight capacity of 470 pounds, this Kayak is stable and fast on the water with effortless maneuvering. It is designed to fit two people, along with carrying the gear equipment for one of them. The mesh pockets and D-rings also facilitate this gear equipment. 

Lastly, a Sevylor trolling motor mount is offered for easy installation of the motor and boosting any excursion performance. Sevylor Coleman Colorado makes any boring trip fun and exciting through its unique features.


  • Stable, sturdy, and durable
  • Puncture, UV, and impact resistant high-quality manufacturing 
  • Effortless inflation and deflation
  • Accessible to store and transport
  • Spacious and adjustable seating area


  • Backrests are way too low for support
  • Rubber bottom stitching prone to damage through heat

Portability and sleek storage are the spotlights of this Kayak. If you are looking to achieve these with various other benefits and only a minor amount of inconvenience, then Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak is the one for you.

9. Lifetime 90806 Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

best inflatable kayak for fishing

It comes as no shock to see another product of Lifetime on this list. Their 90806 Angler 100 is another star-studded and performance enhancer kayak for fishing. Through its HDPE construction, this Kayak is durable and perfect for all types of water trips.

Firstly, with a sharp bow equipped, this Kayak is accurately designed for speeding and tracking. Alongside this, the tracking skeg makes the straightest paddling possible for the angler. At the same time, its flat bottom hull design ensures the stability of the Kayak in water and protect against sinking or overturning. 

Moreover, with a weight capacity of 275 pounds, 90806 Angler carries two people and their gear equipment flawlessly. Two storage hatches further facilitate excess accessories and protect them against moisture. Meanwhile, the front and rear bungee make 90806 kayaks flexible and fast.

Featuring multiple footrest positions, Lifetime guarantees roomy space for legs. The adjustable padded seat adds to this comfort and allows long trips to not result in back and leg strains for the anglers. Whereas the scupper holes drain any water entered and kept the Kayak dry at all times. 

Lastly, the top-mounted fishing rod holders suit various rod movements and increase the performance and efficiency of Lifetime 90806 Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak.


  • Adjustable seat pad and seat back for comfort
  • Flat bottom and chine rails to make it stable
  • Front and rear T-handles for easy carrying
  • Deep hull channels for excellent tracking
  • Rear and front shock cords


  • Comparatively shorter oars 

Lifetime 90806 Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak is an excellent product for its price and quality. Perfected to suit every type of angler, it is a Kayak that is modified and expected to excel in the fishing performance by a considerable mark. 

10. Sevylor K5 Quikpak

best inflatable kayak

The Sevylor Quikpak K5 utilizes an intelligent design that makes it maybe the best inflatable kayak to move and get to the water. To be specific, the whole kayak overlays extremely compact and packs in a knapsack that weighs just 23 pounds. 

Regardless of whether you don’t have experience with inflatable kayaks, setting up the Quikpak K5 takes under five minutes. When inflated, the kayak is entirely stable and works extraordinary on level water, for example, lakes or ponds. 

When discussing the highlights, the Quikpak K5 is novel – the rucksack we’ve referenced changes into a kayak seat. At the same time, its cover doubles as a splash skirt to keep you dry. To wrap things up, the kayak additionally two bungee-corded zones and covered storage for pressing your apparatus. 

Outfitted with a high backrest, front and rearward support straps, and a boundless adjustment framework, not exclusively will you have the option to pedal efficiently. However, you’ll have the opportunity to do as such in outright solace. It is lightweight and compact, and extremely simple to assemble. It has a Boston valve swelling and deflates in minutes.


  • Integrated cockpit sprinkle guard 
  • Aquaglide cooler with 4-bar holders 
  • Sturdy molded handles 
  • Facilitate maximum storage and bungee cord lashes
  • Velcro seat and footrest adjustment framework 


  • Heavier than most 
  • A chomped slower than numerous other inflatable kayaks 

To conclude, this best fishing inflatable kayak has a creative design: Lightest and most effortless fishing kayak for carrying around. A three-piece paddle and a hand pump were remembered for the bundle. Superb lightness and stability when casting and reeling in. Knapsack cover doubles as a splash skirt to keep you dry.

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak Buying Guide

Buying an inflatable kayak is an exciting and exciting decision for every angler. However, with the tremendous number of products available, it can also be a confusing one. Before selecting a Kayak, certain aspects are analyzed, which determine the inflatable Kayak’s efficiency and suitability. These include;


The construction of any best inflatable fishing kayak helps determine its usability. The three most vital materials used for this include Polyvinyl Chloride, Nitrylon, and Hypalon. PVC is the cheapest and consists of little to no resistivity towards UV rays and abrasion.

Nylon does a better job by protecting against puncturing and easily adapting to cooler temperatures. In contrast, Hypalon is the costliest one yet the most dependable for long term use. Not only is it resistant to changes but also manages to be incredibly robust.


Any Kayak’s capacity is always checked to ensure that it meets the user’s and gear equipment’s weight. The manufacturer tags this capacity, and the angler should load up to 90 percent of this value for regular excursions. 


The best inflatable kayak for fishing tends to be cheaper and falls between 300 to 1000 dollars. However, the user should not look for the most inexpensive product that might be prone to damage turn out to be not reliable. Instead, one that balances performance and price accurately and accommodates their requirements as well. 

Tandem or Solo

This is an important distinction to be made before purchasing an inflatable Kayak. If you plan on travelling alone, then solo kayaks are perfect, while for fishing with friends and family, the tandem kayak is used. Another thing to be considered with this is the room offered for the seating area.

Spacious seats must protect against strains and make longer journeys comfortable, while packed seats make the trip enduring. If you intend to buy a tandem, make sure your own seating space is not comprised to accommodate your partner. 


Most inflatable fishing kayaks are produced using hardcore PVC materials that offer the best harmony among cost and durability. They are dependable and effectively oppose most hits and punctures. Nonetheless, if your kayak will be exposed to harsher conditions, search for a model with a higher measure rating that ideally accompanies welded creases. 


Much like normal kayaks, the best inflatable fishing kayak’ length and width decide its exhibition on the water. A longer kayak will be quicker when going straight yet slower when turning. Besides, longer inflatable fishing kayaks additionally offer more storage space inside. 

When it comes to width, most inflatables are wide (30+ inches). Nonetheless, a few models surpass this number significantly and give great stability when fishing on choppy water. 

Simplicity of Setup

As a rule, all inflatable fishing kayaks are simple to set up. Contingent upon the model, the arrangement cycle ordinarily takes somewhere in the range of 10 and 20 minutes. 

The best inflatable fishing kayaks accompany separate air chambers that prolong the arrangement time a piece yet give extra safety if the kayak is inadvertently punctured.

Portability and Stability

Two other essentials for any inflatable fishing kayak to always be checked include stability and portability. Stability is interlinked with the construction and capacity of the Kayak. The finished design contributes to this by adding to the strength with a flat bottom design. A full kayak is perhaps the most stable for any fishing trip. 

Meanwhile, the portability of a kayak defines its efficiency in being taken on and offshore. An inflatable is suited to tight spaces, but it’s best to know beforehand how long it will take for the Kayak to deflate alongside the number of handles available to carry it around. 


1. Are they Long-Lasting or Not?

If you care for an inflatable kayak they can last for years, It’s totally up to you. The best way to keep it safe is:

  • Try to keep it dry and safe
  • Save it from ultraviolet rays, when you are not using it.
2. What is the Simplest Way to Clean it?

Before using inflatable kayaks, they should be properly cleaned otherwise it can get damaged irreparably. To clean it, these are the basic steps you should follow:

  • Remove its all dirt and sand with a clean cloth
  • Use some lukewarm water
  • Then use some scrub to remove saltwater
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe it out
  • To dry it, keep changing its sides
3. Are Inflatable Kayaks Good for Fishing? 

An ever-increasing number of fishers depend on kayaks for a practical and charming fishing trip. There are more models of fishing kayaks today than there were a couple of years prior. The kayaks are currently more particular and designed with exclusively fit highlights and choices for fishers hoping to fish and kayak. 

One reason that fishers appreciate them more than the boats is mobility, storage, and portability. The stability and storage are different components that anglers like about these kayaks.

4. How Comfortable Are You Getting in and Out? 

If you figure you may have trouble getting in and out of a kayak, you might be better off with a sit on top kayak. These are significantly simpler to get in and out of. 

In any case, they are more inclined to tipping because the focal point of gravity is higher. Make certain to work on getting once again into the kayak to be sure you can do it rapidly.


Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak has gradually become the new norm through its customizability and efficiency. It is indeed an important decision to be made and requires some research beforehand. This article summarizes the best products available in the market to enhance the fishing experience along with the factors to look for before purchasing a kayak. 

Kayaking in the outdoors can be a wonderful relaxant, clear your head with those undesirable considerations and stresses. It gives you a fresh out of the plastic new viewpoint on an experience. It is consequently that you ought to choose a decent quality inflatable kayak so you can capitalize on the outdoors. 

They are characteristically lightweight and convenient, making them simple to be moved around. An incredible decision for solo kayakers is those hoping to participate as gathering or as allies on a 2- or 3-man inflatable kayak

Given the simplicity of storage, this can likewise be an ideal decision for the individuals who are squeezed for space or don’t have rooftop racks for holding those non-inflatable ones on the top of their vehicles. 

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks offer an incredible option in contrast to boats, kayaks, and conventional kayaks for those fishermen hoping to go fishing. Or those looking to just unwind and oar at their movement and for long separations. You will investigate and experience puts that you never thought were conceivable in a kayak. 

We trust you will discover this guide valuable and creative, and we even proposed a specific inflatable kayak, by the method of uncommon suggestion. On the off chance that you think that it’s challenging to place one. In the long run, it is your choice; remembering your conditions, budget, and inclinations. 

Cheerful kayaking!

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